Duets is a series of photographic diptychs that explores the relationship between feminine power, grace, and energy, and Nature’s dance with human interference.  Women navigate the expectations imposed upon them, while Nature pushes up against the desire humans have to dominate.  Take a breath amid the loud struggle, and a quiet elegance emerges.

Her...Now is a series of color photographs that depicts women as icons of energy, grace, and power who can navigate transition, responsibility, and create and sustain life.

Her...Then is a series of color photographs that depicts girls in the period between girl and grownup--innocent beauty on the threshold of the power and perils of womanhood.

Blue is a three-minute slideshow of cyan-washed images of women and girls set to Juana Molina’s “No Es Tan Cierto.”  The slideshow is a journey through the inevitability of transition: from girl to woman, from stillness to movement, from life to death. 

Three Part Harmony is a series of triptychs made from cross-processed color photographs mostly captured along San Carlos Avenue in San Jose, CA—a  commercial strip of used cars dealerships, discount stores, immigrant-run restaurants, and adult entertainment, just blocks from Santana Row, a luxury shopping world fueled by Silicon Valley wealth.  The triptychs celebrate this area of overlooked visual poetry—a quiet last look before discard.  

Earth & Air is a series of cross-processed color photographs from around California and Mexico.  Each subject’s strong, central stance holds the absence and longing that surrounds it.